Thursday, June 4, 2009

Catching E-Feelings

E-Feelings = Internet Feelings.

The following scenerios are when someone is catching e-feelings.... Feel free to add your two cents
Discussion Topics
If you are having a discussion topic and someone disagrees with you, it's ok to battle it out for awhile... even joke back and forth with each other. But to threaten their life and flood their e-mail with hate mail... you have officially caught e-feelings.

So homegirl looks better in a bathing suit than you do, or she is the powerhouse diva of the recording industry, perhaps she is a successful CEO.... don't hate on her lifestyle simply because it ain't you boo-boo... go to the gym and get that divalicious body you always wanted and shed those e-feelings!

Let me go even further...

Tagged Photos & Captions
PEOPLE LET US NOT HATE when we are not tagged in a photo or the caption doesn't include that it was your baby sister's fith birthday party. It is probably just an honest mistake especially since most of us are posing up a bunch of photos at a time! SHEESH! why don't you go tag yourself! UGH!!!! Let go of your E-feelings!

Blog Posts
In the event you want to post a comment on a blog post and you want to "educate" someone about whatever the blog topic is, let's all use common curtesy and respect. No need to call someone out of their name because they want to show their behind on the computer. Fools will be fools. Just state your opinion and continue to read for entertainment purposes... which is why most blogs are created. No need to get personal! Laugh and Move On... Let's not get into e-feelings MMKAY!

Friend Requests
So that charming young woman or man doesn't want you to be his/her friend. Stop nagging them about it and keep it moving! SHEESH!! No need to send 100+ messages in a day to simply see when/if they will accept you as a friend! Your persistantcy is irritating and probably the reason they haven't befriended you... let go of your e-feelings!

So you sent someone an e-mail stating your personal feelings about them, and they have yet to respond. Matter of fact you know they have read it and are ignoring it. Perhaps you are just sending an e-mail to someone for the first time and are awaiting a response? In any scenerio let's not get testy and "ignorant" seriously! I know you are just waiting for a response, but try and be patient. That person is NOT REQUIRED to respond to you. Those 16,000 e-mails you sent from anonymous e-mail addresses that you created to see if he/she would respond are unnecessary! Relationships go through changes. If it's meant to be it will, if not, you know his/her one flaw... they never respond! Let's not catch e-feelings.

Do you swear you have a man/woman but yet you have never met this man/woman in person but you guys talk all day everyday over the internet... yup you guessed it... e-feelings! That she might be a 13 year old kid. Let's get real!

Masking Who You Are
Is your screenname something vulgar or repulsive but yet you yourself got voted most likely to succeed? Better yet do you claim to be this suave romantic person... or this cyber space tough guy/girl... You have e-feelings... just be yourself!

Playing Computer Games
Win or Lose it's just a game people! Let's not go ranting off at people because they beat you at extreme checkers... chuck up the loss and let's practice good sportsmanship! Don't get caught up in e-feelings

Facebook Status
*sigh* I almost don't want to put this out there... but I will! A person's Facebook status is whatever they want it to be. Whether it is a place to put a reflective thought, an ignorant statement to generate responses, a question, or a statement/declaration it is their status... Let's not get all touchy feely kuz you feel betrayed. It may not even be about you boo-boo! Let go of your e-feelings

It is MY-SPACE! Not YOURSPACE or OURSPACE or THEIRSPACE or US-SPACE.... it is MYSPACE!! Which means I can put up whatever the heck I want and be satisfied. So don't get madd you aren't in my top friends, or you aren't in my mafia group! Ugh... you and your e-feelings

p.s. why do people ask you 92 questions on facebook and/or myspace when all if not most answers can be answered when you read my profile... oh wait! People don't read!

Personal Information
Now if you want to go ahead and put your personal information out there and air your dirrty laundry then you can't get madd when someone comments on it! NO NO NO! See once you put yourself on blast, it becomes public information and up for grabs for whomever wants to exploit it, laugh at it, joke about it, etc. So the next time you want to put quarter nekked photos up with your goodies all exposed, or leave a long winded response on your boo boo's wall about last night rendevouz.... just remember your e-feelings!

Also, If you put someone on blast and air out their personal information, don't let me catch you catching e-feelings when your dirty draws are swinging from the rope as well. Eye for eye. Tit for tat! It's all very childish but you know the games people play nowadays! Be be bigger person and admit your flaws... that you were wrong for putting their business out there... swallow your pride and move on... and leave them with the e-feelings!

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