Thursday, January 14, 2010

This Has Been An Idol PSA

I normally don't get into the Anmerican Idol hype since the majority of the people who can sing... get voted off! but oh the American Idol auditions are always too funny! And this year Atlanta has really brought their best material! Insert General Larry Pratt from good 'ol hot ATL. He has a message for those men walking around the streets of ATL with their pants hanging low... pull 'em up boys, or Gen. Pratt is out to get you! He may be 62 years old but he can move and shake a lot better than some of us 20 year olds. His audition is pure comedy! Don't believe me..... check it out for yourself!

Roxci Heart

Inglorious Bastards

I have a question to all the fellas out there: how come you never recognize a gem until you don’t have it anymore? Throughout the dating period you may not have been ready to commit to her, but she was ready to commit to you. She gave you her heart and you didn’t have the decency to let her know the truth. The truth of the matter being you weren’t ready to be just her man. I wonder, have you told yourself the truth about how you really are? How come when a woman finally leaves you do some of you men finally realize her worth? Why even string her along?
As you know, I am not speaking to all men here. If you are a good man and have a good woman at home, perhaps you can share some insight with your fellow brethren here about what it takes to be a good man to a woman. Ladies, listen up, these men may have some advice to help you locate “a good man” vs one of these inglorious bastards.

Now I am not blaming you for creating the cycle. It was a number of factors that acted as catalysts to the disintegration of the black family, however you all have the power to stop the cycle from continuing into another generation. But you haven’t started. When are you men going to do better? When are you men going to hold yourself to higher standards? Are you holding out for the right woman? Exercise some self control and mind control and focus on other important things besides instant gratification. If it’s all about some ass or a nutt at the end of the day why even pretend to be interested in getting to know someone? Just let it be known. Stop blaming women for your own insecurities and get your grown man on! Start REACHING your dreams not just aspiring. Get to know a woman for her mind and not her body. Her body doesn't raise kids or ensure the future generation will have positive role models to identify with. Reach back into your community and help your fellow brothers stay in school and help them get a job. Buy a suit or two brothers! Seriously.

For the bastards, I never understood the male chauvinist attitude where women were treated as objects of desire and not a jewel to be cherished. Now sex is no new age phenomenon. It predates men and women (think animals). Sex was created for reproduction purposes and unfortunately now it’s pretty much just for pleasure. Is that what men are looking for in today's society, a pleasureable moment? So you want to get it out of your system, you say? Put that same energy into one woman and see what you get. HA! You have a higher chance of staying disease free! But before you even lie down with someone how about you figure out what the end result will be? Have a conversation with each other that doesn't lead to the bedroom. Think about your future, and your future’s future.

Rant done.


Roxci Heart

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Teenage Love Affair

Remember back in the day when loving someone was innocent. There wasn’t a “process” that was involved. You just liked the person and whole lot and when they liked you back you started dating after a few phone calls. Remember when you loved that person because they meant so much to you? Do you remember your first high school teenage love affair? Matter of fact, do you remember your first high school crush? Why did you like that person?

You and your boo were together for always and forever. If you went to the same school, they would walk you to class and hold your books for you. They would leave notes in your lockers or under your chair in class. You would doodle his/her name all over your notebook and couldn’t help but to be in love with him/her. You all might have sat at the same table for lunch or even had at least one class together. After school they would take you home or walk you to your bus. And even if you didn’t go to the same school, somehow you would end up on the phone for HOURS and meet up for weekend rendezvous in the school or mall parking lots.

I remember those nights I would fall asleep on the phone with my boo for hours. Hang up and do it all over again the next night! Or those days we would be on the phone from 3:00 until dinner (that was family time in my house) and then right back on the phone after homework was done. I have no clue what I had to say for those umpteenth hours, but whatever it was, the conversation never stopped. Now, you gotta pull teeth to ask people about their day, and conversations are held in 140 characters or less. So why don’t we embrace those innocent times again? Granted the 16 year old mind is flightier than a rare bird but there was some sincerity in those relationships. You dated the person not because you thought they were good husband or wife material, you didn’t date them because they were rich (maybe you did), but because you REALLY liked them! Above all that person was SOO CUTE to you! Ahh to be young again!

Embrace It!

Roxci Heart

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fire's Love

Fire's Love
by Shea Oliver

I was once told Fire is one thing you cannot control,
But fire itself has a story untold.
Fire is seen always negatively,
Never for how beautiful it really can be.
It consumes and destroys and burns, but in fire there is rebirth.
Fire can dance on water, it can lighten up the sky.
Fire can make the earth move, and fire can solidify.
Fire can mend a broken heart, fire can keep you warm,
But whom can fire lean on when there's no one to depend on?
Fire’s glow is hot and bright.
The dawn of the day stretches across the sky to bring sunlight.
At evenings dew the glimpse of a fire,
Has given up hope of finding its heart’s one desire.
To return at dawn’s first light,
In search of the one love fire can ignite.
But whom is fire to love?
Not the sky, nor the earth, nor the seas billowing by,
Yet everyone wants to be comforted by fire’s side,
So who is fire to love if everyone is afraid to touch?
Whom can fire depend on if love is no such?


I am like fire dancing over water, playing in its waves. I am like fire running with the wind, choking on its breath. I am like fire moving the earth, angry at its pace. Fire is freewheeling spontaneous and ablaze. Fire is comforting drawing others to its flame.

New Beginnings: That Mean Old Yesterday & Life More Abundantly

Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is A Mystery, Today is a Gift, that's why it's called the Present.

You ever had a yesterday that was mean as Hell? Like it was personally out to get you. All you could do is just make it through the day. It might have started out as a day of potential and possibilities, but it ended up being a day of problems. Well Today is a New day and you can kick that mean old yesterday to the curb. Its a day of wonders and potentiality. Today I choose to live life more abundantly. 2009 has past its prime… but it’s time to win in 2010. I left some BAD HABITS back in 2009. I am on a path of self improvement.

I started with God, The Father and figured out how to blossom into womanhood. I lived history as OBAMA was sworn into office that cold January day. By March I learned a lesson in tough love when Chris (BeatHerDown) Brown beat up Rihanna before the Grammy Awards. I realized even stars aren’t immune to abusive treatment. I moved on in life and love and then we ended things by breaking up. By June I made my last stand with ALL THE SINGLE LADIES and TURNED MY SWAG ON! (Seriously, SWAG was the most overused term of 2009). In April I chopped off half of my hair. A rocky first half led me to believe summer time would be a growth time for me. With a relatively mild summer I worked hard to focus on me. I read a few books on how to Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, The Conversation, and the Bible too. I signed up on TWITTER @acelove if you need me. I managed to create my blog site is where you can find me. Still didn’t get my very own BlackBerry. I vowed to go on a quest for love’s true identity. But the month of June turned out to be a mess, when the RedLine Metro crashed and Michael Jackson passed. I never thought the events would ever coincide, but unfortunately they happened side by side. July and August lived up to be steamy, but blessed and highly favored the Lord would see me. By September I witnessed true love in the making, a celebration of the union between Toni & JB. Then VIBE shut down and I thought my world was lost. During the Fall I began to read up on the Holy Trinity. Studied with twelve disciples and took my behind to church. I went through October, November and December and found out THOSE WHO MATTER WON’T MIND, and THOSE WHO MIND, DON’T MATTER. After Chris Rock let the world know the truth about GOOD HAIR I took off my wigs and let my Righteous SOUL GLOW. I ended the year with the passing of a matriarch, a grandma who was called on home, but in that sadness was rebirth when Toni gave birth (on the same day). Throughout the holidays, I relied on those I could trust, my family and I watching a few great movies that restored my faith in love. THE PRINCESS and the FROG, AVATAR, and I gave thanks to the Lord I was not raised like PRECIOUS. I began to sow seeds into my faith, and grew into a woman of substance and faith. With Faith and Hope I stand before thee ready to face this New Year before me. A life more abundantly I enjoyed 2009, but in 2010 like FABOLOUS says it’s MY TIME to shine.

Roxci Heart =)