Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dancing in the Darkness

Darkness existed before there was light. Light was birthed from darkness, so if darkness is the birthplace of light… out of darkness we too were created and yet we must return to darkness’s arms because each day new mercies we receive! Each day we are reborn symbolically. Take a look around at night, everything you see in the day is still present. But it is only with light can you begin to appreciate its awesome splendor, its grandeur.

John 1:5 says “The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.”

For a long time I never understand the darkness, or its dark purpose. In my opinion darkness was unkind. Darkness meant death, despair, and unforgiveness, sadness, and insomnia… but until recently, I have never spent any real time with darkness. But under duress, I have had a chance to spend some quality time with darkness, and I come to love her unyielding ability to cloak the universe in her stillness. I have only just begun to understand her presence, and even after eons of following the daylight, darkness is yet still understood.

Let me make this clearer. Being in the sunlight burns, we all know that. Being exposed is uncomfortable. The heat (pressure) is often what breaks people down. You have to take moments of sunlight with the moments of total darkness in order to recharge. Now I am not writing this note to convince you to see darkness as anything more but darkness… but I am going to share why I think darkness exists. Darkness is the birthplace of a life more abundantly.

Take a moment and venture outside at night and look around, flowers bloom under the moon and not the sun. Grass grows on cool nights filled with the day’s leftover dew drops. The new day starts and ends at midnight so that we have spent a good 5-6 hours in darkness before we even see the dawn of light. Without darkness we could not appreciate the light. Without darkness, light would destroy everything, and it is because of those dark moments we grow! Only in the darkness can you appreciate how beautiful darkness really is. That even on the blackest of nights, the stars still shine and the moon is always full. There is always hope and the will to press on because it is during that darkest hour the strength to live, survive, and the will to keep going takes over.

Yes, even in the darkest of moments we are growing. Night time is a time to recharge, to dream, to think, to pray, to spend time with ourselves, our thoughts, and our feelings. It is in nighttime we confront our fears or succumb to them. It is in night we rebuild ourselves to prepare for the day. And it is in those dark moments that we often wish for a light of some sort, but we are never really in total darkness. No, there is no blackout with God and his grace, because even when there’s no electricity, there is the moon and the stars proving that even in the darkest moments God is still present. Only in darkness can we reach our full potential.

When I was a little girl, I used to want so bad to reach for the stars and bring one home. I was around eight years old and I spent a whole day and night crying one summer evening that it wasn’t fair I couldn’t reach the stars. The next day my brother bought a pack of glow in the dark stars and helped me put up a solar system of stars up on my small ceiling so that I had the whole universe within my grasp. I’ll never forget that moment. But more importantly, he told me in order to make them glow, I had to keep my light on and let them absorb the light so at night when it was dark they would glow.

So as the universe is ever changing so are we! When periods of darkness come into our life we shouldn't get depressed, upset or angry. In order to live life we must go through some good days, some bad days, some rainy days, some sunshine, some long days, and some dark nights. But while it is a time of abundance and sunshine absorb all the light you can that makes you into the men and women you are destined to be, and I guarantee you, during periods of total darkness, you will shine just like that pack of glow stars on my bedroom ceiling. There are those who will try and steal your light or make you feel bad about yourself. There will be situations that force you to re-evaluate those in your life and situations that may force you into the darkness. But always remember, darkness creates light, so shine on ladies and gents.

I am a child of Dusk and Dawn, the children of Light and Darkness when they sky becomes shades of reds, yellows, oranges, purples, blues, grays, and the sun and the moon trade places, I become alive, for I have learned to Dance in the Darkness.

Roxxci <3

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