Friday, November 13, 2009

Dear Black Man: Part Two, Mythical Creatures and so on...

The truth of the matter is that women are from Venus and men are from Mars, and the world would be a better place if it wasn’t for some of you. Now, I am not going to point fingers or call anyone out, but some of you men need to grow up. Some of you men have a superficial superiority complex. In laymens terms, you think you are all that in a bag of chips. But just as easily as I thanked you, Ima let you know I am still as disappointed.... in all of you.

I am specifically talking today to the group of men who I like to call mythical creatures, black men. Long gone are the days when most black men cherished, appreciated, and valued and independent strong black woman. Here to stay it seems like we have an influx of black men who undervalue and who are unappreciative of a strong black woman or as I like to state, there are mythical creatures amongst us.

I can’t tell a black man how to be a black man in today’s society. But I can tell you how I feel about our black men in our society. Guys, I am disappointed. I am flat out disappointed in the fact that you not only have let your children and your families down, but you have let yourself down! This goes for all black men from the executive level on down to young boys. You all continue to let us women down! EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU! Because what you fail to realize is that all it takes is one, JUST ONE, and ALL OF YOUR REPUTATIONS ARE FINITO.

And you have the nerve to wonder why we black women are so angry at you all the time? How about you mythical creatures start acting like a real man and take care of your responsibilities and actions.

Many of you all have no clue what you are supposed to do as a man because you don’t have a father or a father-figure around to show you. Your father was just as less of a man as you are today, and unfortunately he passed those genes down to you. Perhaps if he had stuck around instead of sowing his seeds around town you would have turned out to be a better person. Yeah, I said it. I said it because I am super frustrated at these soft-ass ‘homo’ guys wearing super tight jeans, these weak minded men who want women to do everything for them, these wanna-be controlling MFers trying to compensate for lack of self esteem by “putting women in their place,” and these super hard dudes that expect a woman to cater to his every need. This is 2009 son! Ima get mine and I expect you to get yours! I am coming to the table with my ish together, why shouldn’t you? As a woman I expect more from my black brothers than anyone else and you continue to let us down.

Fellas, the ones who are doing good, why don’t you reach back into your community more often and help those ignorant MFers you call your friends to become a man. You know who they are. They hang out with you on the regular. I am sure every guy on FB knows at least one guy who isn’t taking care of his responsibilities, yet you continue to hang with him. Why is it a problem that you are so busy being executive vice president and chasing a glass ceiling that you forget it’s a buncha boys who look like you on the corner selling crack. I’m talking to the suburban guys who never set foot in the hood and those who rough it on the streets. Have a conversation with each other and stop tryna be so daggone hard. The root word in gentleman is gentle. Have you all forgotten how to love? How to be respectful to women? How to converse?

NO wonder it’s a bunch of confused little boys running around now adays. With so many black men incarserated and so many black men ignoring these young boys crying out for help, its no wonder we aren't raising better sons. Perhaps if some of you were there for the delivery of yoru child or to establish joint parental guidence we wouldn't have such an issue wayward kids. These kids you are making are our future generations. A future that is your duty to help raise them! Instead you’d rather play Madden or chase your own personal dreams. Madden doesn’t put food on the table and Madden doesn’t pay the doctor bills. What I am saying is that it’s not about you, per say but its about the bigger picture. These boys out here need examples of what real men say and do. Maybe there should be some real men to show them. If not, those are going to be the men your daughters and sisters are going to date one day.

My point is men, you are not a mythical creature. You are a black man living in a society that is designed for you to fail. Instead of seeking higher aspirations many of you flunder and you fail. Those of you who are successful often turn a blind eye when you too could help out our future generations. You say you are looking for real women, but when you have one, you let her go. You have no respect for yourself, your women, nor your community. When are you going to stop allowing society to make an example out of you? The system is designed to set you up, so why even set yourself up to be caught? When are you going to grow up and start making better decisions? Can you stop acting like boys and be men?

Now I must say perhaps you all could do us all a favor and do something good and positive and stay out of trouble. Thanks!


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