Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fire's Love

Fire's Love
by Shea Oliver

I was once told Fire is one thing you cannot control,
But fire itself has a story untold.
Fire is seen always negatively,
Never for how beautiful it really can be.
It consumes and destroys and burns, but in fire there is rebirth.
Fire can dance on water, it can lighten up the sky.
Fire can make the earth move, and fire can solidify.
Fire can mend a broken heart, fire can keep you warm,
But whom can fire lean on when there's no one to depend on?
Fire’s glow is hot and bright.
The dawn of the day stretches across the sky to bring sunlight.
At evenings dew the glimpse of a fire,
Has given up hope of finding its heart’s one desire.
To return at dawn’s first light,
In search of the one love fire can ignite.
But whom is fire to love?
Not the sky, nor the earth, nor the seas billowing by,
Yet everyone wants to be comforted by fire’s side,
So who is fire to love if everyone is afraid to touch?
Whom can fire depend on if love is no such?


I am like fire dancing over water, playing in its waves. I am like fire running with the wind, choking on its breath. I am like fire moving the earth, angry at its pace. Fire is freewheeling spontaneous and ablaze. Fire is comforting drawing others to its flame.

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