Thursday, January 14, 2010

Inglorious Bastards

I have a question to all the fellas out there: how come you never recognize a gem until you don’t have it anymore? Throughout the dating period you may not have been ready to commit to her, but she was ready to commit to you. She gave you her heart and you didn’t have the decency to let her know the truth. The truth of the matter being you weren’t ready to be just her man. I wonder, have you told yourself the truth about how you really are? How come when a woman finally leaves you do some of you men finally realize her worth? Why even string her along?
As you know, I am not speaking to all men here. If you are a good man and have a good woman at home, perhaps you can share some insight with your fellow brethren here about what it takes to be a good man to a woman. Ladies, listen up, these men may have some advice to help you locate “a good man” vs one of these inglorious bastards.

Now I am not blaming you for creating the cycle. It was a number of factors that acted as catalysts to the disintegration of the black family, however you all have the power to stop the cycle from continuing into another generation. But you haven’t started. When are you men going to do better? When are you men going to hold yourself to higher standards? Are you holding out for the right woman? Exercise some self control and mind control and focus on other important things besides instant gratification. If it’s all about some ass or a nutt at the end of the day why even pretend to be interested in getting to know someone? Just let it be known. Stop blaming women for your own insecurities and get your grown man on! Start REACHING your dreams not just aspiring. Get to know a woman for her mind and not her body. Her body doesn't raise kids or ensure the future generation will have positive role models to identify with. Reach back into your community and help your fellow brothers stay in school and help them get a job. Buy a suit or two brothers! Seriously.

For the bastards, I never understood the male chauvinist attitude where women were treated as objects of desire and not a jewel to be cherished. Now sex is no new age phenomenon. It predates men and women (think animals). Sex was created for reproduction purposes and unfortunately now it’s pretty much just for pleasure. Is that what men are looking for in today's society, a pleasureable moment? So you want to get it out of your system, you say? Put that same energy into one woman and see what you get. HA! You have a higher chance of staying disease free! But before you even lie down with someone how about you figure out what the end result will be? Have a conversation with each other that doesn't lead to the bedroom. Think about your future, and your future’s future.

Rant done.


Roxci Heart

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