Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Beginnings: That Mean Old Yesterday & Life More Abundantly

Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is A Mystery, Today is a Gift, that's why it's called the Present.

You ever had a yesterday that was mean as Hell? Like it was personally out to get you. All you could do is just make it through the day. It might have started out as a day of potential and possibilities, but it ended up being a day of problems. Well Today is a New day and you can kick that mean old yesterday to the curb. Its a day of wonders and potentiality. Today I choose to live life more abundantly. 2009 has past its prime… but it’s time to win in 2010. I left some BAD HABITS back in 2009. I am on a path of self improvement.

I started with God, The Father and figured out how to blossom into womanhood. I lived history as OBAMA was sworn into office that cold January day. By March I learned a lesson in tough love when Chris (BeatHerDown) Brown beat up Rihanna before the Grammy Awards. I realized even stars aren’t immune to abusive treatment. I moved on in life and love and then we ended things by breaking up. By June I made my last stand with ALL THE SINGLE LADIES and TURNED MY SWAG ON! (Seriously, SWAG was the most overused term of 2009). In April I chopped off half of my hair. A rocky first half led me to believe summer time would be a growth time for me. With a relatively mild summer I worked hard to focus on me. I read a few books on how to Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, The Conversation, and the Bible too. I signed up on TWITTER @acelove if you need me. I managed to create my blog site is where you can find me. Still didn’t get my very own BlackBerry. I vowed to go on a quest for love’s true identity. But the month of June turned out to be a mess, when the RedLine Metro crashed and Michael Jackson passed. I never thought the events would ever coincide, but unfortunately they happened side by side. July and August lived up to be steamy, but blessed and highly favored the Lord would see me. By September I witnessed true love in the making, a celebration of the union between Toni & JB. Then VIBE shut down and I thought my world was lost. During the Fall I began to read up on the Holy Trinity. Studied with twelve disciples and took my behind to church. I went through October, November and December and found out THOSE WHO MATTER WON’T MIND, and THOSE WHO MIND, DON’T MATTER. After Chris Rock let the world know the truth about GOOD HAIR I took off my wigs and let my Righteous SOUL GLOW. I ended the year with the passing of a matriarch, a grandma who was called on home, but in that sadness was rebirth when Toni gave birth (on the same day). Throughout the holidays, I relied on those I could trust, my family and I watching a few great movies that restored my faith in love. THE PRINCESS and the FROG, AVATAR, and I gave thanks to the Lord I was not raised like PRECIOUS. I began to sow seeds into my faith, and grew into a woman of substance and faith. With Faith and Hope I stand before thee ready to face this New Year before me. A life more abundantly I enjoyed 2009, but in 2010 like FABOLOUS says it’s MY TIME to shine.

Roxci Heart =)

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