Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Teenage Love Affair

Remember back in the day when loving someone was innocent. There wasn’t a “process” that was involved. You just liked the person and whole lot and when they liked you back you started dating after a few phone calls. Remember when you loved that person because they meant so much to you? Do you remember your first high school teenage love affair? Matter of fact, do you remember your first high school crush? Why did you like that person?

You and your boo were together for always and forever. If you went to the same school, they would walk you to class and hold your books for you. They would leave notes in your lockers or under your chair in class. You would doodle his/her name all over your notebook and couldn’t help but to be in love with him/her. You all might have sat at the same table for lunch or even had at least one class together. After school they would take you home or walk you to your bus. And even if you didn’t go to the same school, somehow you would end up on the phone for HOURS and meet up for weekend rendezvous in the school or mall parking lots.

I remember those nights I would fall asleep on the phone with my boo for hours. Hang up and do it all over again the next night! Or those days we would be on the phone from 3:00 until dinner (that was family time in my house) and then right back on the phone after homework was done. I have no clue what I had to say for those umpteenth hours, but whatever it was, the conversation never stopped. Now, you gotta pull teeth to ask people about their day, and conversations are held in 140 characters or less. So why don’t we embrace those innocent times again? Granted the 16 year old mind is flightier than a rare bird but there was some sincerity in those relationships. You dated the person not because you thought they were good husband or wife material, you didn’t date them because they were rich (maybe you did), but because you REALLY liked them! Above all that person was SOO CUTE to you! Ahh to be young again!

Embrace It!

Roxci Heart

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